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Volume V Issue III     April 2012

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Cooperative Education
Career Development
Dads Weekend 2012
Air Force & Army ROTC

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative EducationCooperative Education (co-op) at the University of Cincinnati is an academic program allowing qualified students the opportunity to learn through full-time, paid, major-related work experiences. Founded at the University of Cincinnati in 1906 by Herman Schneider, co-op aims to expand and enhance traditional classroom learning by providing the best professional preparation available.


Career Development CenterCareer Development Center

One more quarter and the University of Cincinnati will be on semesters! For those of us who have been working on it all along, it seems that it has been a long time coming!


Legacies Reflect UC Family HeritageLegacies

The University of Cincinnati's bicentennial is not far away — UC officially becomes 200 years old in 2019! As we prepare for the celebration, we're looking for help discovering multi-generational links in UC's family tree.


Dads WeekendDads Weekend 2012

Save the date! Dads Weekend 2012 is set for May 11 and May 12. Friday, May 11, we invite our UC dads and students to the old ball game at Great American Ballpark as the Cincinnati Reds face the Washington Nationals!


Air Force & Army ROTC ProgramsAir Force and Army ROTC Programs

The University of Cincinnati's two Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) units have projected Bearcat Excellence with great success throughout this entire school year.


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