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Volume I Issue III    May 2012

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Donors Get Creative
How Your Support Makes a Difference
USA Family Tree

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Donors Get CreativeJohn Serda

Many of USA's 62,000 alumni find creative ways to get involved in their support. Take John Serda, for example.

John Serda, '99 is a graduate of the Mitchell College of Business and owner of Serda's Coffee Company. Serda's Coffee Company began as the Quetzal Coffee Company in Puntarenas, Costa Rica through a partnership between John Serda and Edwin Acosta. The Quetzal Coffee Co. was very successful. When it was time to expand, John returned home to Mobile, Alabama, to open his first store in the United States. Serda's is now a thriving downtown establishment offering a full-service cafe to complement his coffees from around the world.


CandiceHow Your Support Makes a Difference

USA's School of Continuing Education and Special Programs recently established the Math Learning Center. This center is designed to assist students in the Developmental Studies Program to prepare for college-level coursework. The center is based on the math emporium model which has been used successfully by Purdue, Virginia Tech, and Auburn.


USA Family Tree

Walters FamilyMany alumni are returning to campus as USA parents, and some are returning as USA grandparents. As we celebrate South Alabama's 50th Anniversary in 2013, the family tree is just getting started.

Meet Skipper, Storey, and Trent. Not only are they each members of the Walters family, but they are members of the USA family, as well.


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